Your iPhone Will Now Let You Know If You Are Using A Slow Charger In iOS 18

Apple announced some massive upgrades with iOS 18 at WWDC 2024, which mainly revolved around Apple Intelligence and its integration with different apps in the iPhone. This year, the company is heavily focused on giving users more control and assisting them with their daily lives through its new features. Recently, another upgrade that caught our eye was an enhanced battery setting that would allow you to track your charging speed.

iOS 18 would now give you an indication that your iPhone is charging slow, along with more charging limits

Have you ever been in a hurry to leave, and your iPhone seemed to take forever to charge? Apple notices such minor hiccups and tries to cater to them, and that is exactly what the new battery upgrade is all about. With iOS 18, you can now see if you are connected to a slow charger through enhanced battery options in the settings.

This new feature was highlighted on Reddit, where a 5W wireless charger connected to an iPhone 15 Pro Max indicated the slow charging level. The iOS 18 developer beta displayed more colors in the battery level graph, and if the device was charging slowly, an orange bar would be shown with the label “Slow Charger.”

Currently, the feature is available in the battery setting instead of a simple notification informing users they are connected to a charger that is not charging fast enough. This upgrade would bring a lot of utility for users to better understand why charging speed seems to be lagging.

It would have been even more convenient if the iPhone had automatically notified users of the slow speed instead of having them dig into settings to find out where the issue stemmed from. The slow charging indication shared by the Redditor also included a link to a support article, but it did not open. It could be that the page will be available once the public release of iOS 18 is out.

We are not certain what is slow from the company’s perspective, but at least you will be informed if your charging is not at the optimal level. Apple is giving more options with the charging limits, as previously, it was set at 80 percent. Users can now set the limit to 85 percent, 90 percent, or 95 percent. The company might reveal more details on this and the linked document in the fall of this year.

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