Your iPhone Will Now Display The Time Even When The Battery Is Dead

Apple’s iOS 18 announcement was full of surprises, as the company’s Apple Intelligence feature for the iPhone 15 Pro and upcoming iPhone 16 models have taken the world by surprise. We know the company was cooking something under the hood, but the sheer scale of integration is by far one of the best aspects of the platform. Major additions aside, the company also took the time to include minor changes that make a bigger impact, like the iPhone’s ability to tell you the time even after the battery has died in iOS 18.

iPhone on iOS 18 with zero battery life will still be able to tell you the time

iOS 18 is one of the biggest updates the iPhone has ever received since its launch, and AI has a major role to play in this regard. As mentioned, the company also made sure that the device feels refreshed with some new and highly anticipated visual changes, including Home Screen customizations. Apple now allows all users to place app icons anywhere on the Home Screen and change their color to match the wallpaper or create an overall contrasting look. A user on Reddit posted an image of the iPhone running iOS 18, which shows time on the screen even after the device has no battery.

iOS 18 will allow iPhone with no battery to tell you the time like the Apple Watch

Note that the ability for the iPhone to run background operations even after the device is dead came with iOS 15. It brought the ability for the iPhone to still be visible to Find My despite having zero battery life, but the ability to check time is new. The company has a similar operation for the Apple Watch where you can check the time on an Apple Watch without any battery life. Similar to the Apple Watch, to check the time, you would have to press the Power Button to see the time. The feature would be really beneficial in case of emergencies.

It is great to see the company adding a slew of new features, even on a device that has no power. Other than this, the major iOS 18 AI features will be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The company’s forthcoming iPhone 16 lineup could come with exclusive AI features as well, which the company did not announce on stage.

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