You Will Have To Wait A Bit Longer For Apple Intelligence Feature In iOS 18, Even After Its Release

Apple announced a slew of new AI-powered features with iOS 18 and a boatload of other updates that will transform the operating system from all directions into a personal agent. Apple Intelligence is capable of handling complex tasks as it sees all of your personal information but does not store it. The Apple Intelligence feature will be available later this year for all compatible iPhone models, but you might have to wait a bit longer as the feature will have a waitlist in the beginning.

There is a waiting list for the Apple Intelligence feature in iOS 18, which means that not everyone will be able to test it at launch

Discovered by MacRumors, the iOS 18 beta references Apple Intelligence as a feature with a waitlist, suggesting that users would have to wait their turn to try out Apple’s advancements in AI. It clearly states, “Join the Graymatter Waiting List,” and as we have previously noted, Apple Intelligence is codenamed Graymatter in Apple’s latest iOS 18 beta.

“While Graymatter is in limited preview, you may experience unusually slow responses when not in a supported region.”

Apple Intelligence is one of the most compelling features in iOS 18, and the company will make it available later this summer in the beta versions of the platform. Until the beta version is released, the company will continue to test it and improve it. Once it is available to developers, the feature will be perfected for the final launch in September or possibly a few months after that.

The company could lift the waitlist with the release of iOS 18’s public beta, but this is mere speculation at this stage. Note that developers will require an iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max to test the feature, as it will not be available on prior models. This is because older models do not have the processing power to perform on-device operations. We will keep you in the loop after additional details on the feature are available.

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