You Might Have To Pay To Use Google Search In The Near Future

Google’s search engine is perhaps the best and one of the most powerful out there, and it has been the go-to for many people ever since they started using the Internet. However, a new report suggests that the company might be looking to change its model. The search engine giant is looking to offer premium, AI-powered features, and of course, if you want to use them, you are going to have to pay.

Google Search could go paid, but only if you want to use AI-powered features

The report states that sources familiar with Google’s plans mention advanced AI-powered search features, which will become part of the company’s current subscription services like Gemini Advanced and Google One. The report also indicates that the premium tier of Search will have ads, and if you want to continue using traditional Search, that will be free for everyone.

There is nothing wrong with charging a premium for top-tier services, and we have seen that happen constantly in the industry. So, if Google Search comes at a price for premium AI-powered features in the near future, then it would not really be an issue for anyone.

After all, Google has invested a lot of money in AI, and we already have access to a lot of AI-powered features as we speak, but AI-powered search is something that I am really looking forward to trying out. Of course, there is no timeline for the feature to roll out, so we are going to have to wait. However, the report does suggest that the company is already working on developing this technology. I feel that we might get a glimpse of this technology at the Google I/O 2024, which is due next month.

Do you think you will want to pay for Google Search once it has AI-powered features, or are you going to continue using the free version? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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