You Can Now Repair Your Galaxy Foldable Phones As Samsung Starts Offering Parts

Repairing a smartphone on your own is something that a lot of people prefer. However, as we are heading towards phones becoming more advanced, it is becoming difficult for people to do so. Especially with foldable phones, as they are the most difficult to repair. Still, Samsung has decided to expand its self-repair program, and the latest foldable phones now have their spare parts available.

Albeit difficult, Samsung will let you repair your foldable phones on your own

Both the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and the Galaxy Z Fold 5 are going to join Samsung’s self-repair program that already has devices like the Galaxy S23 series, Tab S9 series, and Galaxy Book 2 Pro series. Users will be able to get their hands on these parts and start the process themselves.

In addition to that, Samsung is expanding the self-help repair program for Galaxy A devices too, which certainly is a great thing. It is worth noting that at the time of writing, the self-help program did not have all the latest parts added to the website. However, the South Korean tech giant has explained how these parts will eventually make their way to the website for everyone to buy them.

Last but not least, Samsung is also expanding its self-repair service to more regions in both Europe and South Korea. Users in 30 more countries in the EU will be able to fix their phones in Denmark, Greece, Portugal, and Hungary.

In all honesty, I do understand that self-repairing a foldable phone is not really the easiest thing to do, but the point is that Samsung is taking a step in the right direction. I am sure with the right components and guidance videos, anyone will be able to overcome the steep learning curve. Again, you don’t have to repair the phone on your own if you feel it is too much. You can always choose to take it to a proper technician and have them look at it.

News Source: iFixit

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