WhatsApp Is Changing The Way Group Voice Chats Work And Making Them Better

WhatsApp is improving how group voice chats work and making it easier for all users. At the time of writing, you can start a group voice call with up to 32 people. However, it could be annoying for those who are not free to join. The new method that the platform is getting will change that.

Love group calls? WhatsApp is making them more convenient

With the new update, once the group call is started, a notification is sent to every group member. If they don’t want to be on the call for some reason, they can simply ignore it, as the phone will not continuously ring. Once you are inside the call, you will see a bubble that people can join. Once the call is active, you will get controls for muting or ending the chat. You will be able to access it from the top of the chat. Those who don’t want to be in the chat will still have complete control over it, as they can still send and receive messages.

The new group voice chats will let up to 32 people participate, and of course, WhatsApp ensures that all calls will be end-to-end encrypted. Voice chats will start rolling out on Android and iOS within the coming weeks. The update will start first for groups larger than 32, but it will have some limitations. It will then roll out to groups with 32 or fewer people.

I am glad that WhatsApp is getting a new set of features that people will use. I see a lot of companies adding a list of features to their apps that no one asks for, but this feature with bigger group calls is certainly useful, and many people will be able to benefit from this. WhatsApp is even working on a feature that will enable email verification and a lot more.

News Source: WhatsApp

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