The Official Nothing Phone 2a Unboxing Video is Live

Nothing has finally decided to do what Nothing does best, and that is unveiling its product ahead of its official launch. In today’s unboxing video, the Nothing Phone 2a gets unboxed, and the company even invited a fan to unbox the phone. I am not sure about you, but I am feeling a little jealous here.

The Nothing Phone 2a will sport a familiar design, with an affordable price tag and decent internals

You can watch the video below, and although it does not discuss a lot about the device, we do get some takeaways–the biggest being the design language that the company is using. In addition to that, we also learn that the phone is using a plastic frame this time, which makes sense since the Nothing Phone 2a is supposed to be a cheaper device.

One of the biggest design changes that we see on the Nothing Phone 2a is the fact that the cameras are now in the center of the device, and instead of a vertical alignment, Nothing is going for a horizontal alignment. The camera is flanked by three Glyph lights, giving us a hint that Nothing is going for a more somber look this time around.

The back of the Nothing Phone 2a is transparent plastic, and although it is flat, you can see the back panel curve towards the sides. This curve is going to cause the phone to be easier to handle. Sadly, we are not sure if the frame is also made out of plastic, but you do have a black power button on the right side and a black volume rocker on the left side. I do love the fact that Nothing has decided to go with black buttons on a white phone, as it adds a lot of character and some contrast to the device, too.

At this point, the Nothing Phone 2a is all but official, and if you are wondering when it is going to come out, then March 6th is the date for you. The phone is going to be cheaper than both of the previous phones and still offer better cameras. I am really looking forward to how this turns out because, based on all the information that Nothing has given in the video above, it does look like an interesting phone.

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