The New iPad Pro And iPad Air Do Not Ship With Chargers In The UK And EU

There is no denying that the new iPad Pro and the iPad Air are excellent. Especially the Pro variant, which has now become one of Apple’s best products, thanks to the latest M4 chip found in the iPad Pro. While all things are pretty solid, and all variants are now up for pre-order in almost all the countries across the globe, we learned something interesting.

Apple has only complicated things by removing chargers from the new iPad models sold in the EU and UK

If you are interested in getting your hands on the new iPad in the EU or the UK, the sad thing is that you are not going to get a charger in the box. Apple has decided that these devices in the said regions will ship with just the tablet itself and a charging cable, which should not be an issue for people who are already using chargers with high-speed charging. However, not everyone carries a 140W charger in their backpack all the time and prefers using the charger supplied with the device.

The odd thing here is that Apple usually never does that, at least not when it comes to its tablets. We know that all iPhones worldwide ship without a charger, but for the longest time, when you buy an iPad Air or an iPad Pro, you will get a charger in the box along with it. However, it appears that this is not the case, at least not in the EU or the UK, which makes this whole thing even weird. Why remove chargers from just these two regions and not all the regions across the globe?

Sadly, If you happen to be in those regions and you have just pre-ordered either of the new iPads, we suggest that you go ahead and get yourself a new charger as well. There is a great variety of chargers available that you can opt for. If you are really looking to invest in a good charger, I would suggest that you go for a third-party, multi-port charger with a higher output. It would make a lot more sense as it would allow you to charge all your devices without any issues.

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