The AI Server Industry Could Benefit From Apple’s Initiative To Bring AI Features With iOS 18 Later This Year

Apple is stepping into the AI industry with the release of iOS 18 later this year. The company has been working on a wide range of tools, which could be showcased at the company’s annual WWDC event in June. With Apple’s heavy interest and efforts in AI, the relevant server industry is aiming to seek business from the company. Since Apple has only started working on AI, the impact could be far bigger when it is released to the general public.

AI server manufacturers could get business from Apple’s AI initiatives, which are slated to arrive later this year with iOS 18

Apple will strictly keep its AI technology exclusive to its own products. Unlike ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini, Apple’s AI features will only be available on the iPhone, Mac, iPad, and additional products. According to TrendForce, the AI server industry is aiming to get business from Apple once the technology is unveiled to the general public later this year.

As mentioned, Apple is currently developing AI tools and technology related to the field, which could be available on a wide range of platforms. Once the technology is unveiled, the company will require AI servers to bolster the heavy usage. This is where AI server companies would chime in if Apple does not have alternate plans.

To make themselves future-proof, AI server manufacturers like Supermicro are reportedly expanding aggressively in an attempt to secure Apple as their business provider. The manufacturer has the potential to double down on its AI servers this year, which are backed by companies like Tesla and CoreWeave. Prominent analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously stated that Apple has plans to spend as much as $4.75 billion on servers. The servers would handle Apple’s AI technology, which will be part of iOS 18. Last year, the company’s expenditure on AI servers was roughly around $620 million, and if the news has any heft to it, the company could be making a giant leap forward.

As mentioned, once Apple’s AI tools are out of the development phase and released to the general public, the sheer volume of commands and actions would require additional AI servers. The company will showcase its AI applications and features at its WWDC and will be available to developers for testing purposes. However, after the launch of iOS 18 to the general public, Apple would see a massive gain in traffic. It is expected that the company will buy up to 20,000 AI servers this year to handle the situation. We will share additional details on Apple’s efforts to secure AI servers as soon as further details are available.

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