Thanks To Apple’s Timely Promotions And Discounts, The iPhone Topped Sales In China, Beating Samsung And Huawei

Apple has drastically changed its iPhone lineup over the past few years. From eliminating the notch to offering massive performance gains, the iPhone 15 models are solid devices that can go against any device in the market. The latest data reveals that Apple has overthrown Samsung in global smartphone sales across 2023. Furthermore, the study also shows that the company has achieved another significant sales milestone for the iPhone in China.

Apple takes the top spot in China as the iPhone becomes the most popular smartphone in the region, beating Huawei and Samsung

Counterpoint data revealed that Apple has surpassed Samsung in global smartphone sales across 2023. The company has also performed exceptionally well in the Chinese market amid intense pressure from Huawei. The iPhone managed to become the most popular smartphone in China. According to an IDC report, the iPhone topped sales in China for the first time, with the highest market share of 17.3 percent in 2023.

The report also mentions that Apple’s higher sales were made possible thanks to a series of discounts the company imposed on the iPhone. The company’s decision to lower prices for the iPhone stimulated demand amid reemerging competition from Huawei. Huawei has been working to compete better against the iPhone maker in the region. With the introduction of its new Kirin chip, demand for Huawei’s products, like the Mate 60, has been gradually increasing.

iPhone sales in China are continuing to be affected by the surprise re-emergence of Huawei as a competitor in the premium smartphone market, says a new report.

While Huawei will continue to grow in the Chinese market, it remains to be seen if Apple will consider normalizing the pricing scheme. This is because hefty third-party promotions that run for long could hurt the company’s business model. This is the first time Apple has claimed the top spot in the region, a remarkable achievement for the company. The iPhone has been the most popular smartphone in the area, and if the company plays its cards right, 2024 could be the same.

While Apple’s timely discounts and promotions did most of the work, the company also introduced many front-facing features with the iPhone 14 and 15 lineup. Most of the year, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro did their part to secure sales. However, the iPhone 15 series brought a fair share of changes to the lineup, including USB-C and Dynamic Island on the non-Pro models. This means that 2024 could also be the year Apple ranks at the top if it continues its promotional schemes. However, 2024 has just begun, and the competition is fierce in the Chinese market, especially from Huawei and Samsung.

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