Snapdragon X Elite Gen 2 Rumored To Use An Overclocked Version Of The Adreno 830 GPU, Which Will Be Paired With The Snapdragon 8 Gen 4

Qualcomm and its notebook partners are pushing to ensure that the Snapdragon X Elite powers various portable machines in the second half of 2024, and rumors are already disseminating that there is a Snapdragon X Elite Gen 2 in the works. In terms of specifications, the upcoming silicon may share similarities with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, at least in the GPU department. Both chipsets will apparently flaunt the Adreno 830, but the Snapdragon X Elite Gen 2 is said to sport an overclocked version.

Base Adreno 830 was previously reported to be faster than Apple’s M2 in one benchmark, creating a strong base for the Snapdragon X Elite Gen 2

We have learned through the Korean forum DC Inside that Qualcomm intends to use a slightly powerful version of the Adreno 830 with the Snapdragon X Elite Gen 2. The Adreno 830 was previously rumored to be 10 percent faster than the higher-binned version of the Apple M2 in 3DMark Wild Life Extreme, so the Snapdragon X Elite’s successor already has a strong foundation to stand out when it comes to graphical performance.

In CPU workloads, the current-generation chipset tailor-made for notebooks is up to 21 percent faster than the M3 in Geekbench 6’s multi-core results, which can only mean that the Snapdragon X Elite Gen 2 can improve upon its predecessor’s capabilities. Currently, information is thoroughly scarce, so whatever we mention here is pure speculation. Naturally, Qualcomm would be looking to transition to the 3nm process for its future silicon, but it is not confirmed if the Snapdragon X Elite Gen 2 will be provided the same treatment due to high wafer costs and sustainable yields.

For now, we must see how the Snapdragon X Elite performs in compute and GPU tests before we make assumptions about the forthcoming chipset. After all, if the current one disappoints in a variety of tests, there will be less hype surrounding the Snapdragon X Elite Gen 2, though the idea that it will sport an overclocked Adreno 830 has us excited since we have heard rumors of how the GPU performs when running in the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4.

News Source: DC Inside

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