Samsung Might Have Accidentally Confirmed That The Galaxy Buds 3 Will Sport AirPods-Like Design

Samsung is gearing up to launch the new model for its earbuds, Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro, at the Unpacked event 2024. The buds are not known best for their quality but for being cost-efficient. While the wearables give you value for money, users have long waited for the revamped design and some noticeable changes in the aesthetics. Now, in a recent leak, the company might be opting for a makeover and sporting an outlook that is rather quite familiar.

Samsung might be ditching the bean-like design for its Galaxy Buds 3 and moving toward an AirPod-inspired look

Samsung has not brought any significant design updates to the Galaxy Buds since they were first launched in 2019. Previous speculations have suggested that the company might pivot in a different direction with the latest models. Those speculations were matched up because according to a recent leak by Samsung itself and pointed out by a tipster; the company might have given away the redesign of its earbuds on its Galaxy Wearable app.

Galaxy Buds 3 to have Airpods like design

In the diagnostic section of the app, Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro are among the devices listed. The app is a support program for users to help them find solutions to problems they experience with the wearable. The device’s name is supported by an icon of the relevant product, and we see the move to a stem design with the latest version.

With the earbuds now moving to a new look, Samsung intends to improve the quality of calls and its active noise cancellation capability. The stem design could help the company achieve its targets by bringing the mic closer to the edge of the stem and also by being a better fit credited to the thinner earbud portion.

The design also seems strikingly similar to that of the AirPods, and given how premium the voice quality is for the Apple earbuds, Samsung might be able to make a huge leap on the quality front and give, if not the same experience as the competition, a quite close one. With the increased size of the earbuds, the tech giant might be planning to bring AI integration that requires a bigger battery capacity for its premium wearable, especially given how agile the company has been in adopting the AI trends for its smartphones.

Samsung’s Unpacked is to be held on July 10th in Paris, and we can get more details on the iterations the company has planned with the Galaxy Buds 3 series at the event.

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