Samsung Galaxy S Ultra Roadmap Shows How Samsung Is Taking Things Seriously

We are a month away from the Galaxy S24 series making its official debut, and the information we have received so far talks about how the new phones will have some upgrades to them, but the camera system is potentially largely the same. Now, a new tip has shed some light on the Galaxy S Ultra lineup’s camera roadmap, showing how Samsung will not keep repeating the cycle.

Samsung wants to make sure that the Galaxy S Ultra phones are packed with the greatest camera hardware available

The Galaxy S Ultra lineup will have a significant camera upgrade going forward. The Galaxy S24 Ultra will deliver a better camera performance thanks to a new chipset, but moving forward, you will see much better camera hardware, as well.

Now, looking at the tip, you can tell that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will offer just a small upgrade in terms of the telephoto camera. Samsung is using a folded telephoto 50-megapixel sensor. The Galaxy S25 Ultra, on the other hand, is offering an upgraded wide-angle lens, a folded telephoto lens with variable aperture, and a 50-megapixel upgraded lens. The S26 Ultra, on the other hand, will offer a 200-megapixel 1/1.10-inch sensor for the primary camera. All of this points towards the fact that the Galaxy S Ultra series is getting proper treatment in terms of the camera department.

Of course, the Galaxy S Ultra series will bring more improvements across the board, and you will not have to worry about not getting more features onto the phone. The Galaxy S24 series is going to debut on January 17. You can expect a lot more details coming forward as we move closer to the release date, and of course, we will keep you posted on everything that we learn about the new phones.

News Source: Tech_Reve

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