Pixel 8 Series Has Support For Display Output Over USB Type-C Even If Google Does Not Confirm It

Modern-day phones bringing support for display output is definitely something that I think more brands need to look into. Today, we have learned that the Pixel 8 series has support for DisplayPort Alternate Mode, which is also known as DP Alt Mode.

The Pixel 8 series can support DisplayPort Alternative Mode, but you will need to root your device.

What this means for the Pixel 8 phones is that these devices are capable of transferring DisplayPort signals and broadcasting video to external display devices like a TV or a monitor with just the help of a USB-C connection.

Now, the interesting bit here is that Google has mentioned that the Pixel 8 devices do not have DisplayPort connection support, which is strange considering how there is a way to make this feature work just fine.

So, what exactly is going on with the new Pixel 8 devices? Well, it turns out that the feature is enabled by default. Google has disabled this on the software level despite the feature being supported on the hardware level.

If you are looking to use this feature, you will have to root your Pixel 8 device and then adjust some configurations so you can enable the feature. The process will require that you use the right kind of cable to ensure that things work without any issues, and you’ll also have to be sure that the DisplayPort compatibility is there.

At the time of writing, we are not sure why Google decided to disable the DisplayPort compatibility and that, too, using the software. If the phones do support this feature, why not let the users enjoy the features in the first place? Knowing Google, there is a possibility that the Pixel 8 devices will get access to these features in the future via a software update, but if you are eager and want to use this feature right now, you are going to have to root your device.

Do you think this is a feature that you want to access on your Pixel 8 device? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

News Source: Mishaal Rahman

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