Pixel 8 Pro Face Unlock Is Not as Secure as Google Claimed as a User’s Brother With Clearly a Different Face Unlocked the Phone

Users are finally getting their hands on their brand new Pixel 8 series, and while I do love the device and wish I could get my own on the blue color of the Pro variant, it appears that users have started running into issues with the facial unlock.

The Pixel 8 Pro seems to have a massive vulnerability with its face unlock

This year’s Pixel 8 and Pro variant come with an updated Face Unlock. Google even went as far as claiming that the system meets the highest Android biometric class, Class 3. This means that the new face unlock can be used for authenticating payments, as well as verifying sign-ins and other areas where biometrics can be used. However, based on a new report, it appears that it might not be as

Based on a report from a Reddit user, they brought home a brand new Pixel 8 Pro, set it up, and after a while, their brother picked up the phone and managed to unlock it with his face. The phone was unlocked every single time. What’s funny is that when the user tried the same on his brother’s Pixel 7 Pro, it would not work and would only unlock after looking at the face of the actual user. This means that the face unlock on the Pixel 7 Pro is more secure than the one found on the new Pixel, and frankly, it is kind of worrying. Oh, and the user does clarify that they are not twins and have faces that are not completely identical to each other.

This is the first report on this incident, but it surely is a scary one and something that Google will need to patch right away. Considering how the Pixel 8 Pro uses software for facial unlock rather than dedicated hardware, I have a feeling that this is something that can be patched rather easily. In the meantime, however, I would highly advise users to stick to the fingerprint lock as it appears to be a lot more secure than the face unlock. I am sure Google will fix this issue in no time because it looks like a pretty big problem, and if it is happening to multiple phones, then it definitely is something that the company needs to pay attention to.

News Source: Reddit

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