Oppo Phones Could Finally Debut Internationally As Company Signs Cross-License 5G Patent Agreement With Nokia

Oppo and Nokia have been at each other’s throats for some time now – this has resulted in BBK Electronics halting the sale of OnePlus and Oppo devices in Germany, and many people in the tech industry also cite this as the reason why phones like Find X7 Ultra never debut outside China. It now appears that there might be a future for both companies since they have signed a multi-year patent cross-license agreement that covers 5G standard essential patents.

Oppo phones could finally make their way to the international market as the company signs a deal with Nokia over the 5G patent infringement

Oppo and Nokia have been locked in a patent infringement lawsuit going as far back as 2021, and the whole lawsuit focused on several legal battles that spanned various regions such as Europe and even Australia. However, with the new patent agreement, all of this could change because both companies want to play nicely with each other.

We are delighted to have reached a cross-license agreement with Oppo that reflects the mutual respect for each other’s intellectual property and Nokia’s investments in R&D and contributions to open standards. Oppo is one of the leading companies in the global smartphone market and we look forward to working together to bring further innovation to their users around the world.

The new agreement – along with the other major smartphone agreements we have concluded over the past year – will provide long-term financial stability to our licensing business. – Jenni Lukander, President of Nokia Technologies.

With the new agreement in place, Nokia will be getting royalty payments from Oppo. There will also be catch-up payments that will cover a period of non-payment. Of course, we cannot really say what the exact terms are because they are still confidential, but the Chinese giant has also shared a statement talking about how they are pleased with this move forward.

We are pleased to share that Oppo has reached a global cross-licensing agreement with Nokia, covering 5G standard-essential patents and other vital communication technologies. This agreement will also resolve all pending litigations in all jurisdictions.

Oppo respects Nokia’s intellectual properties and its contribution to the global communication industry and looks forward to work with Nokia to bring the best communication experience to users around the world. – Feng Ying, Chief Intellectual Property Officer at Oppo.

Although it is certainly a good thing that both companies have reached an agreement, what I am more interested in finding out is whether or not we will see an international release date for the OPPO Find X7 Ultra. We do know that the OnePlus 12 is going to launch in global markets as it was announced yesterday, but I believe the Find X7 Ultra is a much, much better phone, and I am really looking forward to seeing it debut in the international markets if it ever comes to that.

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