OnePlus Is Bringing AI To Its Smartphones In The Shape Of AI Eraser Tool For Photos

Considering how AI is slowly but surely finding its way everywhere, brands are jumping to introduce their own take. Following in the footsteps of Samsung, Google, and a few other companies, OnePlus has decided to announce the AI Eraser, a new tool that will be coming to several devices and should allow you to use the power of AI to edit your photos.

OnePlus is late to the AI-powered party, but it is always better late than never

As the name suggests, the latest AI Eraser by OnePlus will be able to erase parts of your photos that you do not want. This is not something new, as it has been done by the likes of Samsung and Google in the past. The company even shared a sample of how it will work, and you can take a look at it below:

OnePlus has talked about how the feature will start rolling out to OnePlus 12, OnePlus 12R, OnePlus Open, OnePlus 11, and OnePlus Nord CE4. The update will be released in all regions, but for devices in Europe, it will be available in Q2 2024, so you will have to wait a bit longer before it is finally available to everyone.

Now, the one thing that we are not sure about is whether the AI Eraser will be rolling alongside a new update or if there will be a change to the Photos app. We are not sure how that is going to pan out, but we look forward to the update actually coming out to the devices nonetheless.

According to OnePlus, the AI Erase is a fruit of “a substantial R&D investment” that was “undertaken with a commitment to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of AI-generated content,” the company even goes as far as talking about how it is using a proprietary model that is powering the new feature, which means that we could get some really stellar results once the feature actually starts rolling out this month.

Kinder Liu, OnePlus President and COO, said the following in a statement:

Empowering users with advanced, practical technology is what we live for at OnePlus. We believe that the potential for generative AI on mobile devices is enormous, with the power to completely transform productivity and creativity. As OnePlus’ first feature based on generative AI technology, AI Eraser represents the first step in our vision to liberate user creativity through AI and revolutionize the future of photo editing, empowering users to create remarkable photos with just a few touches. This year, we plan to introduce more AI features, and we look forward to their upcoming availability.

It is safe to say that once the AI Eraser finally rolls out to everyone, OnePlus could also come out with other components that would revolutionize the AI-powered features on its devices, and we are looking forward to seeing how that works.

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