One UI 6.1 Could Introduce A Video Boost Series To Galaxy S24 Series Powered By AI

The Galaxy S24 series will bring several AI features, and Samsung is making sure that these features become a pivotal part of One UI 6.1, which will be released alongside the new phones. At first, I thought that the new update would be iterative at best, but every day, we are finding new information on the new update, and the latest information we have suggests that Samsung is looking forward to bringing more AI-based options.

One UI 6.1 could be loaded with generative AI features, showing how Samsung is serious about AI

Now, the information that we have received suggests that One UI 6.1 will introduce hardware-based video boosting, which will, of course, make use of the on-device AI. This is certainly good, and it is already available on Pixel 8 devices. It is about time that Samsung is introducing this feature, too.

The source claims that One UI 6.1 will offer AI processing for videos. You will also be able to erase subjects from videos, expand the borders of the photos, on-device chatbot, take important information from calls, organize notes, generate wallpapers using AI, live-translate during calls, weather and portrait effects for the lock screen, better battery protection, and more.

It is safe to say that with One UI 6.1, Samsung will be capitalizing on the AI features that are going to debut with the latest Galaxy S24 series, and honestly, I am looking forward to seeing just how viable this feature is going to be. After all, it is not every day that we get such features making their way to smartphones. However, 2024 is going to be all about AI features. We just have to say which company comes out on the top with AI-based features.

News Source: BenIt Bruhner

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