OLED iPad Pro Models Could Feature Face ID Sensors And Camera In Landscape Orientation, Similar To Galaxy S9 Ultra

Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro models are slated to launch in the coming months with significant changes in design and internals. The devices are rumored to move away from mini-LED displays in favor of OLED panels on both 11-inch and 13-inch models. According to the latest, Apple wants to change the Face ID placement on the OLED iPad Pro models. According to code discovered in iOS 17.4 beta 1, the OLED iPad Pro models will feature a Face ID camera in landscape orientation.

Apple could offer Face ID on OLED iPad Pro models in Landscape orientation with Dynamic Island if the company plans to trim down bezels

MacRumors discovered the iOS 17.4 code related to the Face ID camera orientation on the iPad Pro models. The code reads that the iPad Pro must be landscape-oriented during Face ID setup. The Face ID camera will appear on the top when the iPad Pro is in landscape mode. The company’s decision is similar to how Samsung implements the front-facing camera on its Galaxy S9 Ultra tablet.

Since Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Ultra features slimmer bezels than the current iPad Pro models, the front-facing camera is housed in a minuscule notch in the landscape orientation. Apple is going for a similar solution, but we suspect the company will not use a notch on the OLED iPad Pro models. Note that Apple is not unfamiliar with the landscape camera orientation, as the company moved the front-facing camera on the 10th-gen iPad from the top to the side of the device. We presume the company will adopt a similar approach for the OLED iPad Pro.

It remains to be seen if Apple is planning to reduce the size of the bezels on the iPad Pro. If the company plans to move ahead with the decision, it would have to adopt the Dynamic Island for the OLED iPad Pro. Additionally, if today’s news has heft, the Dynamic Island could be placed in landscape orientation. Note that these are mere speculations as the final word rests with Apple.

Apple could also bring Face ID to the iPad Air lineup this year. If this is the case, Apple will replicate its decision to bring Face ID in landscape orientation on the iPad Air in contrast to portrait. We suspect the company will finally introduce Dynamic Island on the OLED iPad Pro with Face ID sensors in landscape mode. According to recent reports, Apple plans to launch the OLED iPad Pro models in Spring, potentially in March or April. However, the company has not sent out event invites at this point.

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