OLED iPad Pro Launch Is Nearing, As Model Numbers For Devices Have Been Discovered In Regulatory Database

Apple’s iPad Pro models with OLED display are reported to launch in early May, based on claims made by a prominent analyst. The company was rumored to launch the devices by the end of last month or in April, but it appears that Apple will introduce the revamped devices after another delay. According to the latest findings, Apple’s upcoming OLED iPad Pro models have appeared in the Indian regulatory listings ahead of their potential launch next month.

OLED iPad Pro regulatory filings suggest that the launch is nearing in

The iPad Pro was discovered in the regulatory listings by 91mobile and showed up on the Bureau of Indian Standards database. The devices feature the model numbers A2836 and A2837, which are unique and not related to the company’s existing iPad models. This suggests that the model number belongs to a brand-new device.

However, Apple is also expected to introduce new models of the iPad Air alongside the iPad Pro, which means that the above-mentioned model numbers could not belong to the ‘Pro’ models. While it is likely that the company will introduce the iPad Pro and iPad Air side by side at its May event, the additional two model numbers were not discovered in the regulatory filings.

Apple failed to launch a new iPad last year, and the company’s earnings have seen a significant decline. It appears that the technology giant is having a hard time announcing new iPad models, potentially due to supply chain issues. It was also previously reported that the reason for the delay is the new OLED panels and the complex manufacturing process, which is leading to lower yields.

Currently, Samsung and LG are both Apple’s suppliers for the 11-inch and 13-inch OLED panels. It was recently uncovered that Samsung is having difficulties in the 11-inch OLED display production, which has resulted in LG Display getting more business from Apple. It remains to be seen how the division has been made between the two suppliers, but this could be the reason why the company delayed the launch of the OLED iPad Pro from March to May.

It is worth noting that the company could see fit to announce new iPad Pro and iPad Air models at its WWDC 2024 event. This is because the current speculated launch schedule for the devices is May, a month before the WWDC 2024 event kicks off. Nonetheless, discovering regulatory filings for the devices is proof that the OLED iPad Pro is close. We will update you with additional details as soon as further information is available.

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