Nothing Ends Green-Bubble-Blue-Bubble War With New Nothing Chat App That Brings iMessage To Android

Apple is known for its walled garden of an ecosystem where one device compliments the other in a way that leaves no room for competitors. From the iPhone to the Apple TV, Apple controls each aspect of the device, pushing users to choose another Apple product instead of exploring the competition. Even the messages app on Apple products is different and only compatible with other Apple products. The green-bubble-blue-bubble war between Apple and the competition is as old as iMessage. Nothing has introduced its iMessage-compatible app, Nothing Chat, which will support most of the functionality.

Carl Pei announces Nothing Chat app that brings iMessage to Android, specifically the Nothing Phone 2

It is practically impossible for Android users to send text or media to the iMessage officially. We have previously seen various workarounds where users would use their Mac as a tool to bring iMessage functionality to Android. However, this is an unofficial method, and Apple can patch it up via future software updates. Today, the company behind the Nothing Phone is bringing iMessage to Android through the Sunbird platform, which is an unofficial iMessage client.

Carl Pei announced that the company is officially bringing Nothing Chat for the Nothing Phone 2. Android users can finally send text and media to the iPhone via iMessage. Sunbird launched last year and has over 10,000 downloads on the Play Store. After today’s announcement, it is unclear if Nothing plans to bring its Chat app to additional devices other than the Nothing Phone 2.

Users can create and use their Apple ID on the Nothing Phone 2 to send text and media on iMessage. The feature set does not stop there, as the company is working to bring additional features to the platform in the coming months. Nothing Chat will also focus on end-to-end encryption, which means your chats will be secure. Carl Pei announced that the platform will include support for group and individual chats, typing indicators, extensive media sharing, voice, notes, and more.

Since Nothing Chat will be an unofficial client, it might be using Mac servers as a workaround to bring iMessage to Android. However, these are mere speculations at this stage as It is unclear if Apple will take legal notice against the company. Regardless, Nothing Chat could open doors for the Nothing Phone lineup in the North American markets. According to the company CEO, Nothing Chat will be available in the United States, UK, and the EU, starting November 17. The app could make it to additional regions shortly.

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