Next-Gen iPhones To Feature On-Device AI As Apple Works To Tackle Problems Related To Running AI Through Mobile Devices

Apple is heavily invested in bringing artificial intelligence to its products. We have previously reported that the company is expected to introduce iOS 18 with many AI applications later this year. Apple is silently acquiring AI start-ups, bringing on-device AI to next-gen iPhone models. This is not the first time we hear about Apple’s attempts to bring AI to the iPhone. However, it was previously reported that Apple will roll out its LLM models with the release of iOS 18 later this year.

Apple’s next-gen iPhone models could feature on-device AI as the company ramps up startup acquisitions and staff hiring

According to a new report from the Financial Times, Apple’s latest hiring and acquisitions suggest the company plans to bring on-device AI technology to next-gen iPhone models. The publication suggests that the company is working to tackle “the technological problem of running AI through mobile devices.” Last year, the company acquired WaveOne, which offered video compression through AI.

Other than acquisitions, Morgan Stanley’s research notes suggest that Apple’s AI job postings include “Deep Learning,” the algorithm used for generative AI. The AI-based acquisitions and job postings hint that the company is working on on-device AI capabilities, which could debut in a future variant of the iPhone. For a year, Apple has been working on its large language model, or LLM called ‘Ajax’. However, the company’s implementation will differ from that of the competition.

Unlike OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Apple’s LLM will work locally with on-device capabilities. This means the company will not focus on cloud-based services in data centers. This will give Apple an advantage over the competition as results will be loaded offline. However, the entire process will require data compression and advanced processing, which is a plus for Apple thanks to the company’s custom A-series of chips.

We have recently reported that Apple is working on introducing a new version of Siri with AI capabilities. The company is also planning to upgrade the microphone on the iPhone 16 lineup, which will easily recognize the user’s voice. Altogether, this will improve the Siri experience on the iPhone. The company is already making breakthroughs with flash memory utilization techniques on the iPhone and other devices.

Apple is slated to introduce AI on the iPhone this year, and we will get a glimpse of the potential features at the company’s WWDC 2024 event in June. It was previously reported that the features will not be available with the release of iOS 18. Instead, the company will take its time and introduce AI features for the iPhone by the end of this year. Note that these are mere speculations as the final word rests with Apple.

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