Masimo CEO Is Open To Talk With Apple Regarding A Settlement For The Latest Patent Violations

The Apple Watch sales ban in the U.S. is expected to come into effect from December 21, with select models such as the Apple Watch Series 9 and the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra no longer allowed to be sold. Even though the technology giant reportedly believes that a future software update will help it steer towards calmer waters, Masimo, the company’s patents that Apple apparently violated, believes that hardware modifications will be necessary. Regardless, the health-care technology firm may not want to proceed with further drama because when the CEO was asked about settlement talks with Apple, he was open to it.

Chief Executive also says that Apple has been caught with ‘their hands in the cookie jar’

The report from Bloomberg states that the Biden Administration has until December 25 to intervene. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre shared a statement with the news outlet that they are carefully considering all of the factors in this case. When pressed for more details, Jean-Pierre stated that they do not want to get ahead of any decisions that may come from the International Trade Commission (ITC), as they were the first to recommend an import ban on the Apple Watch back in 2021.

As for Masimo CEO Joe Kiani, despite being rumored to have spent $60 million to bring about an Apple Watch sales ban in the U.S., when asked if he was open to settlement talks with Apple, the Chief Executive responded with ‘the short answer is yes.’ However, Kiani did not shy away from taking a jab at the most valuable company in the world, saying, ‘It takes two to tango. These guys have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.’ Kiani did not share details on the amount Apple would have to pay to bring their case to rest either.

Kiani also mentioned that the patent violations were not accidental and that Apple knew exactly what it was doing when it took Masimo’s intellectual property for itself. Kiani is also glad that the world will now be able to see the actual inventors of such technologies instead of them praising Apple for its innovative push with its lineup of smartwatches. Unfortunately for Kiani, the Apple Watch sales ban is only limited to the U.S., and there are tons of opportunities outside of this region for the Cupertino behemoth to capitalize on.

News Source: Bloomberg

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