Major Reasons Why You Should Not Install iOS 18 Beta Right Now On Your iPhone

iOS 18 is the biggest update the iPhone has ever received, and Apple has ensured that its edition of generative AI technology plays a major role in this regard. Apple transformed from being a latecomer in the AI category to one of the leading companies overnight for the end user. Apple Intelligence is one of the key aspects of iOS 18, and the company has already seeded the platform’s first beta to developers for testing. The real question is if it is the right time to install the first developer beta of iOS 18 on your compatible iPhone models.

Here’s why you should wait for Apple to release the public beta of iOS 18 before you install the developer build on your iPhone

Apple spent more than a year perfecting the layout of its AI features in iOS 18, and alongside this, the company also saw fit to add a slew of visual changes and customization options for users. You now have the ability to place app icons anywhere on the Home Screen, breaking away from the invisible grid. You can also change the color of the app icons to match the wallpaper or create new contrasting screens as per your preference. iOS 18 beta also contains a slew of other features and app upgrades, including a revamped Control Center, which you can try out right now on your iPhone.

However, we would not recommend that you update your iPhone to iOS 18 beta just yet, and there are a handful of reasons why. Firstly, the first beta of iOS 18 is incredibly laggy and filled with bugs and issues. This means that you will not be able to use your device normally or without stuttering. If you must install it, be advised to download it on your secondary device as a beta running on a daily driver could give up at any time, which could get in the way of your routine.

Other than this, one of the biggest features to try out in the latest iOS 18 beta is Apple Intelligence, which will not be out for another couple of weeks. You have to take into account that the features left behind are app upgrades and some visual design changes. Hence, we believe that the iOS 18 beta should be installed on iPhones once Apple Intelligence is available, which the company claims will be available later this Summer.

Lastly, the iOS 18 beta will also take a toll on the performance of your iPhone and this is a major reason why it should not be installed on a device that you use on a daily basis. You will experience unexpected app closures, apps getting stuck, and much more. You can test the beta on an older device you do not use as your daily driver.

Apple will keep on improving iOS 18 with its upcoming beta builds until it reaches the Release Candidate, which is the last update before the company decides to release it to the general public. As per past trends, the company is expected to release iOS 18 later this year in September, possibly alongside the launch of the new iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro lineup.

We will be covering each incoming beta in extensive detail, ranging from its functionality enhancements to battery life and performance enhancements in speed tests and comparisons. Are you planning to install the latest iOS 18 beta on your compatible iPhone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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