M3 iMac Teardown Reveals That The Large Display, Internal Battery Are Easy To Remove, But Overall Disassembly Has Its Frustrating Moments

Apple recently updated its 24-inch iMac to feature its first 3nm SoC, the M3, for this particular lineup, and the teardown expert iFixit got its hands on the ‘All in One.’ On this occasion, the disassembly process reveals that while there are some ‘easy to remove’ aspects of the machine, other areas are just as difficult, time-consuming, and likely headache-inducing.

The M3 iMac is compatible with a VESA mount, but the teardown shows that you need to remove the internal screws to make that happen

Before 2023 draws to a close, iFixit posted a teardown video of the M3 iMac, showing what internal changes Apple has introduced to this model. Externally, the iMac looks identical to the M1 version, sporting an exceptionally thin chassis that forced the company to ship an external power supply that also features a standalone Ethernet port. Regardless of how thin it is, it can still accommodate the M3 logic board, along with a cooling solution that is somewhat better than the ‘fanless’ solution present on the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air.

Though the 24-inch display can be removed with relative ease by disconnecting a few cables, the M3 iMac itself cannot be used with a VESA mount unless the stand is separated from the rest of the assembly using the internal screws. This means that those with little to no experience disassembling the M1 iMac will be completely out of luck and have to seek service from third-party individuals.

The single CMOS battery of the M3 iMac that can easily be replaced

The teardown also shows other areas of the M3 iMac that have tons of cables and screws present, with most of those screws placed behind stickers that cannot be placed back after being removed. One notable change Apple introduced to this ‘All in One’ is that it features a replaceable CMOS battery, though this time, you will only find a single cell instead of the two present on previous models.

As far as the adhesives for the M3 iMac go, the iFixit video host says that while she believes that there are better options available in keeping the display attached to the rest of the assembly, she recommends iMac adhesives because they are easy to remove, easy to cut and easy to re-install when you need to. While iFixit did not provide a repairability score for the M3 iMac, it looks almost easy to take apart if you have the right tools and enough experience.

News Source: iFixit

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