Leaker Claims iPhone 16 Pro To Come With A 20 Percent Brighter Display For Better SDR Content, An Up From 1,000 Nits To 1,200 Nits

Apple appears to be working on improving the display quality of its products. The company recently unveiled the new iPad Pro models with OLED displays, which will potentially be the highlight of the upgrade. The technology giant now plans to improve the display of the iPhone 16 Pro by increasing its brightness level by up to 20 percent. The iPhone 16 and 16 Pro models are shaping up to be a major upgrade, and combined with iOS 18, the devices could be worth the upgrade over the current models.

iPhone 16 Pro getting a display brightness boost for better SDR content

Externally, the standard iPhone 16 models are rumored to come with a new design for the camera layout. The general design language will remain the same, but the dual camera sensors at the back will be arranged in a vertical fashion instead of diagonal. The ‘Pro’ models of the lineup will come with more or less the same design, but both models will see an increase in display size, jumping from 6.1 to 6.3 inches and 6.7 to 6.9 inches.

A Weibo leaker who goes by the name of Instant Digital states that Apple plans to increase the iPhone 16 Pro’s brightness by 20 percent, claiming that the devices will come with up to 1,200 nits of brightness for SDR content. Note that this will not have an impact on the peak brightness of the devices, which is expected to remain the same at 1,600 nits.

Apple has not changed the SDR brightness of the iPhone since the iPhone 13 Pro’s debut. After resting at 1,000 nits for a few years, the company could offer improved brightness levels with the iPhone 16 Pro lineup. While peak brightness is beneficial in outdoor conditions, SDR is used in the majority of situations, and a 20 percent bump would be a welcome addition.

Take note that the leaker has a hit-or-miss track record, and the final word rests with Apple. The iPhone 16 Pro models will feature Apple’s upcoming A18 Pro chip with an improved Neural Engine to handle iOS 18’s AI features. The device is also expected to come with a Capture Button below the Side button, which will respond to the video-taking abilities of the iPhone. We can also presume that the company is also working to upgrade the camera sensors on the devices to make it an overall appealing package for users.

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