Latest Leak Sheds Light On Three Pixel 9 Devices And The Pixel Fold 2, As More Cases Leak

It appears that Google will be diversifying its portfolio with the Pixel series this year because the company appears to be working on four Pixel devices. There are three devices that will go into the Pixel 9 lineup, and the last one will be the Pixel Fold 2. All of this is now confirmed because we have some newly released renders from a famous case-maker called Thinborne. This is the same company that showcased the renders yesterday, but today, we have a much better and clearer look, giving us an idea of how these devices will look.

Google finally seems to have nailed down the design DNA based on these Pixel 9 series and Pixel Fold 2 renders

Now, this normally does not happen even if case-makers are in possession of all the information they need. Still, in the case of the Pixel 9 series as well as the Pixel Fold 2, Thinborne has decided to leak the cases of all four Pixel devices, leaving very little to the imagination. You can have a look at the cases below that do give us some hint on how the design is going to be like:

Now, I will be honest: these cases look really good, and they give us an idea of how the Pixel 9 series and Pixel Fold 2 will look. All these renders corroborate with all the previous leaks we have seen on these four devices, so there is very little left to uncover. We are still not aware of why Thinborne released these images on the official website.

If all the information we have is correct, the Pixel 9 series is supposed to go official in October of this year. The same is true for the Pixel Fold 2. However, considering Google I/O 2024 is just a week away, we might get the official announcement or some sort of unveiling during the event, with a full-blown launch slated for October.

It is safe to say that the design of the Pixel 9 series and the Pixel Fold 2 is more than final. I am honestly surprised that Google is going for three devices this year, something that Samsung has been doing for some time. The one thing I am not sure about is how the audience will react to it. I guess we will not have to wait long for it, as more information will come out sooner than later.

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