It’s Not Just You, WhatsApp Is Facing A Massive Outage All Over the World, Instagram Voice Notes Also Down

WhatsApp and Instagram are two reliable messaging platforms that almost every one of us uses on a daily basis. They don’t always face outages, but when they do, people tend to go into a frenzy like it’s just the end of the world. I just returned from my evening jog here in London and decided to catch up with a couple of friends when I realized that Meta’s messaging platform is entirely down–and not able to send messages, calls, or any media.

WhatsApp and Instagram are facing severe outages, whereas Facebook and Messenger are still working for most users

As I was writing the headline, a friend of mine reached out to me, telling me that Instagram’s voice note feature was also not working. You can record a voice note, but it does not go through at all. At the time of writing, the outage seems to be affecting users all over the world. Where some are able to send voice notes on Instagram, and others are not able to do it at all. As for WhatsApp, it appears to be completely down.

Downdetector shows almost 12,000 reports of WhatsApp being down at the moment, whereas Instagram is at almost 3,000. People are even reporting dubious services for Messenger and Facebook, so it is safe to say that almost all of Meta’s services are currently experiencing some issues, with some being more severe than others.

Are you experiencing outages when it comes to any of these services, or are you using them without any issues? Let us know in the comments below.

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