iPhone 15 Pro Max Users Now Reporting Severe Screen Burn-in Issues, More Trouble For Apple

It appears that the new iPhone 15 Pro series is having a hard time finding stable ground for itself. The new phones have been subjected to a lot of issues ever since they hit the selves, including problems with the phone’s structural integrity, as well as issues with the titanium finishing on the phones, to the phones heating up a lot. Now, another issue has popped up, which is just as severe, if not more, than the issues that we have reported in the past, and this time, iPhone 15 Pro Max users are reporting screen burn-in issues.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max screen burn-in issues are unacceptable for a product coming from Apple

According to some iPhone 15 Pro Max users, the new phones are suffering from some severe screen burn-in issues. No, we are not back in early 2015 because the screen burn-in issues are still persistent, but in a world where OLED and technology itself have progressed a lot, we simply don’t see such issues coming up, at least not on phones. But such is not the case here. Just look at the picture below to decide how bad the situation looks.

Looking at the picture, it is fairly obvious that there is something really wrong with the panels on the new iPhone 15 Pro. I do understand that screen burn-in is a common issue with OLED panels, but I do not remember the last time I saw it on the phone. I’ve seen these issues on OLED TVs that have been running for a very long time, and even then, the issue is not as severe as the one that you see here. Again, this is not an isolated issue, as several other users have reported this problem, so it is safe to say that the new iPhones are not failing on select people.

Now, we are still not sure how Apple is going to sort this out. However, if you are experiencing a screen burn-in issue on your iPhone 15 Pro Max or any other model, for that matter, I would highly advise that you get in touch with Apple and pick up a replacement because it would be better that way rather than waiting for the issue to get even worse. We hope that Apple issues a statement regarding this issue so we can better understand what’s happening.

News Sources: Reddit, PhoneArena

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