iPhone 15 Pro Crowned With Best Camera On Any Phone Award In MKBHD’s 2023 Smartphone Awards

Apple’s new iPhone 15 Pro models launched with many improvements over its predecessor. The camera on the device has been widely praised since its launch, and now it is gaining a reputation as the best camera on any smartphone. Every year, the YouTube channel MKBHD hosts smartphone awards for various categories. This year, the iPhone 15 Pro has been crowned as the best camera phone of 2023.

iPhone 15 Pro features the best camera on any smartphone in 2023, according to MKBHD’s annual smartphone awards

Apple launched the iPhone 15 Pro only a few months ago, and the devices have gained much attention regarding the camera. Marques Brownlee compared tens of phones in each category to draw a winner considering various aspects. Brownlee states that different smartphones can produce better results than the iPhone, but as an all-rounder, the iPhone 15 Pro has the best camera for taking photos and shooting videos.

While there are flagship smartphones that can take better pictures than the iPhone, which boils down to personal preference, no smartphone can record better videos than the iPhone 15 Pro. The camera sensor and computational algorithms have improved on the device, and the company is working to enhance the sensor further next year with the iPhone 16 Pro. Apple also introduced the new Log recording format that allows professionals to edit photos with more editing options.

The iPhone 15 Pro’s camera draws consistent results in various scenarios. Apple also introduced the new USB-C port on the device, allowing the device to record video directly onto an external storage device. This is a beneficial tool as the video recorded from the iPhone 15 Pro can take up a lot of storage space. These complimentary features Apple added to its camera make the flagship iPhone worthy of taking the top spot.

MKBHD also conducted a blind smartphone camera test where the iPhone 15 Pro was discovered to capture the best low-light photos. The Galaxy S23 Ultra received an honorable mention for capturing still images. The iPhone also beat Google’s new Pixel 8 Pro in the camera department, which has been on the list of top smartphone cameras for a while.

Besides the iPhone 15 Pro’s camera award, MKBHD awarded the iPhone 15 Plus with the best battery life on any smartphone. There are various reasons why the iPhone 15 Plus has the best battery life. The device features a standard 60Hz display that consumes significantly less battery life than a 120Hz panel. Additionally, the device features a bigger battery, and combined with the efficiency of the A16 Bionic, the iPhone 15 Plus received the best battery life award for 2023. Besides the iPhone 15 Plus, the Asus ROG Phone 7 received the honorable mention for the best battery life on a smartphone for 2023.

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