iPad 10 Price Slashed To $349 In Light Of New Releases, iPad 9 With Home Button Gets Discontinued

Apple did not have much to announce today at the Let Loose event, but the company did give us the new iPad Air, the iPad Pro, the Magic Keyboard, and the brand-new Apple Pencil Pro. However, another announcement Apple made during the event is the price reduction of the iPad 10, which is still a great option for those looking to get their hands on one of the best tablets in the market.

iPad 10 is a great purchase for those who are looking for a more affordable tablet with great features

For those interested, the new iPad 10 can be yours for $349, which is a $100 reduction from the launch price of $449. Do keep in mind that this price is for the 64GB variant of the tablet, and if you are looking to get your hands on the 256GB variant, you will have to spend $499, which is still a price drop.

The price reduction for the iPad 10 also means that the iPad 9, which has become a loved tablet for many users, will also be discounted. If you have been looking to get a new tablet but don’t want to spend a lot of money, I would highly advise that you check out the newly launched iPad Air or the iPad Pro if you are feeling fancy.

There is no denying that Apple has been killing it lately in the tablet game, and with today’s launch, as well as the launch of the new M4, the company has more than solidified itself as the top player. If you want to get a discounted iPad, the iPad 10 is the top choice, and I would highly advise you to go for it as you will not be disappointed.

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