iOS 18 Has A ‘Game Mode’ That Is Automatically Enabled On iPhones, Increasing Performance And Overall Snappiness

Apple introduced its Game Mode in macOS Sonoma last year when the company began a serious transition towards bringing both casual and AAA titles to multiple platforms. That same feature is now available in iOS 18, and the best part about it is that users do not have to enable it manually by heading into the Settings menu or downloading a separate app on their iPhones. This mode will trigger when you fire up a game, leading to better performance and overall responsiveness.

Game Mode in iOS 18 works the same way as it does in macOS by freeing up resources and allocating them more toward the title being played on the iPhone

With the AAA gaming library on iOS increasing with various titles, it makes sense to introduce a ‘Game Mode’ that will deliver slightly higher performance and provide an improved gameplay experience. As reported by MacRumors, when the mode is enabled, the game is given the highest priority for the iPhone’s SoC while lowering the usage for background tasks.

Additionally, Game Mode on iOS 18 improves the responsiveness of connected AirPods and game controllers by reducing input latency and audio latency, which is the exact same benefit that Mac owners get when enabling Game Mode on macOS Sonoma. When firing up a game, a brief notification will appear on top of the iPhone when using it in landscape mode, indicating that Game Mode is enabled on iOS.

Apple has not provided performance comparisons or framerate differences when this feature is turned on and off, but it is designed for titles such as Assassin’s Creed Mirage and Resident Evil Village. It is possible that Game Mode will not activate with every AAA game, but we will inspect further when iOS 18 rolls out later this year.

While implementing Game Mode in iOS 18 is a fundamentally great step to help future iPhone buyers purchase the latest models, Apple should also improve its iPhone’s cooling solutions. The A17 Pro featured in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max was notorious for overheating. Thankfully, Apple is rumored to implement a ‘Graphene Thermal System’ for better heat transfer on the iPhone 16 series, so let us see how well it works when the entire lineup launches later this year.

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