Huawei Was The ‘Standout’ Brand In China’s Smartphone Market, Achieving A Mammoth 90 Percent Growth In October

Huawei has witnessed the most traction in the Chinese smartphone market, according to the latest research, as its Mate 60 lineup continues to outsell the competition, particularly Apple’s iPhone 15 models. While the company’s dominance continues to be limited to a single region, it is probably making other brands extremely nervous, especially going into next year, as the P70’s development is rumored to have started, though there is no word on which silicon it will use.

Huawei has also achieved an 83 percent growth compared to 2022

The new data from Counterpoint Research states that China’s year-over-year smartphone growth averaged 11 percent, but out of all the brands operating, Huawei displayed the most impressive growth, reaching 90 percent in the month of October. For 12 months, the former Chinese giant reached an 83 percent growth, all thanks to its custom 7nm Kirin 9000S that powers an entire suite of Mate 60 models. China analyst Archie Zhang has also commented on Huawei’s stellar growth below:

“The clear standout in October has been Huawei with its turnaround on the back of its Mate 60 series devices. Growth has been stellar with its new launch marketing and strong media coverage around its ‘Made in China’ chipset. Demand continues to be high double-digits and we’re also seeing a halo effect, with other models from the vendor performing well.”

Companies such as Apple have attempted to make investors less nervous about Huawei’s resurgence in China, but with the phone maker forecasted to ship around 100 million smartphone units next year, one cannot ignore the progress it has made after being pushed into a corner by the U.S. export controls. Then again, this popularity surge might be short-lived, as Huawei and China’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, SMIC, still have to figure out how to break the 7nm ceiling and produce even more advanced smartphone chipsets.

At this time, none of these firms have access to cutting-edge EUV machinery that will allow them to scale this obstacle, so they have to figure out something fast. Perhaps Huawei and SMIC can tweak the Kirin 9000S further and rename the SoC when it launches for the P70 next year, and if there are other plans that we do not know of as yet, then we will update our readers in the future.

News Source: Counterpoint Research

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