Here Are The iPhone Models Most Popular With People Who Are Switching From Android

Moving from one OS to another is a huge commitment, to be honest. At least for an old-timer like me, but several reports suggest it is never too late for some people. A new report has surfaced showing the iPhone models that are most popular with people who are switching from an Android device, and while it is a sad truth, I am sure somewhere there is a list of Android phones that are most popular with people switching from an Apple device.

Android users appear to be not happy with the experience they are getting and are shifting to iPhone

According to the latest report, the iPhone 14 or the Plus variant are the most popular models among people switching over from Android, with over 26% of people switching. Right behind that is the Pro series of devices, with up to 25%. The interesting thing this report shows is that people are not really interested in getting the latest iPhone 15 series. That could be because people switching over to Apple from Android were using mid-range Android devices; therefore, this upgrade is already adequate. However, the latest models also have some percentage of users, with 12% of the total.

The story does not end there. Even the iPhone SE or iPhone 12 saw some Android users switching over in 2023. This is not the first time we have seen Android devices falling behind. A recent report showed how the top seven best-selling phones in the U.S. were all iPhones, with Android occupying the last three spots, and that too, with budget-oriented devices.

It is not to say that the market has a shortage of good and high-end Android devices. In many cases, a lot of Android phones are more expensive than some iPhones, but people just prefer Apple’s ecosystem and devices more, and that is certainly something that Android OEMs need to take care of.

This year has been graced with several great Android phones, and there are a lot more coming in the near future, but with the release of the iPhone 16 series sometime in September, we might see the whole thing repeating itself all over again.

News Source: CIRP

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