Google Pixel 8a Retail Box Leaks Months Ahead Of Official Launch, Black Color And 27W Fast Charging Confirmed

Google released the Pixel 8 series back in October 2023. However, way ahead of the mainstream launch, the affordable Pixel 8a also started making rounds on the internet, and although it was never really unveiled, there was enough evidence pointing towards the existence of the device.

The Pixel 8a could be on the horizon as the retail boxes are already available out in the wild

After a bunch of leaks, the Pixel 8a has shown its face to the public in the form of a retail box that confirms a number of things about Google’s upcoming affordable Pixel phone. You can have a look at the pictures below:


The retail box of the Pixel 8a confirms several speculations. For starters, the phone will be available in black color, and based on the picture of the phone on the box, it looks exactly like it did in the leaked renders from last year. Moving onto the second picture, it confirms that the phone is going to sport 27W fast charging, and there won’t be a charger included in the box, which does make sense since it has been a while since we have seen chargers being included in the box as far as major companies are concerned.

Even though I am not a Pixel user, I am still looking forward to seeing the Pixel 8a hit the market; The mid-range segment is in dire need of some competition as things have started to get stale. We have Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A55 that would serve as an excellent competitor, and then we also have the newly released OnePlus 12R that hits the same mark. Hopefully, this Pixel will be more than enough to give some serious competition to other phones. As far as the competition in the flagship segment is concerned, we all know how things work there.

As far as the specs are concerned, the first leak about the Pixel 8a talked about how the processor offers an underclocked version of the same Tensor G3 chipset that is found in the latest Pixel 8 devices. However, Google could change that and increase the clock speed as we head closer to the official launch. The phone will obviously run Android 14 out of the box and could also offer a handful of AI features that are so far limited to just the Pixel 8 series. If that happens, it will be one of the most affordable phones to deliver AI capabilities. Considering how cameras have always been a strong focal point for Pixel phones, I really want to see how the new phone performs in terms of photography and videography.

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