Google Pays Apple 36 Percent Of Total Safari Search Revenue, Company’s Lawyer “Cringed” After Revenue Data Was Shared

Google is battling an antitrust lawsuit in the United States Department of Justice, and details related to the company’s deal with Apple have leaked. It was previously reported that Google is paying Apple billions of dollars to remain the company’s primary search engine on all devices. It has been discovered that Google pays Apple 36 percent of the revenue generated from Safari search. The details were supposed to be confidential but had to be shared in the company’s ongoing antitrust lawsuit.

Apple could lose out on billions if Google fails to justify its monopoly in search

Bloomberg shared the percentage of total revenue from search that Google pays Apple. If you are unfamiliar, Google pays Apple as their primary search engine on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other devices. An economic expert shared the number who testified on Apple’s behalf. In response, Google’s lawyer “visibly cringed” at the information as it was meant to be confidential.

It was revealed last month that Google is paying Apple between $15 billion to $18 billion, and both companies wanted to keep the details confidential as it would damage Google’s competitive standards. Apple and Google’s deal goes as far back as 2002, and this is not the first time the details have met the eyes of the public.

Google’s antitrust trial will stretch until the end of this month as it is accused of holding a monopoly in the search engine category. Microsoft claims that Google and Apple working together on the matter has made it difficult to compete. Microsoft wants Bing to be part of the competition as the search engine remains secondary for many. Microsoft also approached Apple in the past with an offer to buy Bing. However, the Cupertino giant refused as it did not want to ruin a lucrative deal with Google.

Take note that Google pays Apple to be their default search engine. iPhone, iPad, and Mac users have the option to switch from Google to Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo at any time. However, you must dig up the Safari settings to change your default. Apple’s Eddy Cue says that Google is the default search engine on Apple products because “we’ve always thought it was the best.”

If Google loses the antitrust lawsuit, there are chances that the deal with Apple will be dissolved. Apple would have to ask users to choose whichever browser suits their needs. It is high time Apple developed its own search engine, which has been rumored for a while. It remains to be seen what the results of the lawsuit are and how the companies would react.

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