Google Has Killed Google Camera And Replace It With Pixel Camera

Google launched the Pixel 8 series earlier this month, and during the launch event, the company talked highly of the new camera systems found on both devices. It makes sense, too. For the longest time, the Pixel phones have been hailed as some of the best phones for photography, and based on what we have seen, it looks like the trend is still going strong.

Google Camera is no longer the default camera on Pixel phones as the company replaces it with Pixel Camera

A big part that made Pixel photography so good is Google Camera, but it appears that Google has decided to kill Google Camera and replace it with Pixel Camera, which will be exclusive to all Pixel phones, including the latest Pixel 8 series.

Aside from changing just the name, Google has also changed the description, talking about how the Pixel Camera app will grant access to features such as Cinematic Blur. The app also highlights all the Pixel 8 Pro exclusive features, and not to mention, the app talks about how it will only be supported on Pixel devices running Android 14 or above.

Now, this is not the first time that Google has killed off an app or renamed it into something else. The company has a notorious history of doing things like this, and it has become comical to the point that there is an entire website dedicated to all the products and services that Google has killed, renamed, or replaced. Maybe we will see the legendary Google Camera on that website, too.

Another thing to note here is that although the latest Pixel 8 series is great for photography, a lot of non-Pixel phones were capable of running the Google Camera app without root. I am hoping that the Pixel Camera app could also be ported to non-Pixel phones because it makes no sense to keep the users locked out of service for one reason or another.

News Source: Google Play Store

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