Google Finally Finds More Ground In The U.S. Smartphone Market As Brand Grows Significantly

Things are looking up for Google as the company has apparently seen massive growth in the U.S. smartphone market. This is based on information coming straight from Canalys, as the company has released its latest “Smartphone Market Pulse” report for Q3 2023. The report shows the top smartphone OEMs, along with the numbers.

Google’s smartphone market share saw an insane 117% annual growth

Apple still sits at the top, with 17.2 million smartphones sold in the third quarter, holding 55% market share. As expected, Samsung is on the 2nd number with 6.8 million units sold and 22% market share, Motorola is on the third with 2.8 million units sold and 9% market share. Followed by TCL with 1.3 million units sold and a 4% market share. So, where does Google fit in all this?

Well, Google is in fifth place, not far behind TCL, with 1.2 million units sold and a 4% market share. There are other companies holding a combined 5% market share, showing how the majority of the U.S. market is dominated by Apple and Samsung.

While all the other companies have seen some degree of decline in smartphone shipments, Google and Motorola are two companies that saw growth. Motorola saw a 14% year-on-year growth, and Google saw an insane 117% annual growth.

This is certainly good because Google will not only get to enjoy the fruits of this growth, but it will also allow the company to emerge in better ways, and this will instill confidence that the Pixel devices are here to stay. I’ll be honest: the Pixel 8 Pro is the first Google device to have my attention because, in the past, I did like these phones but never wanted to buy them. I am hoping that this upward trajectory for Google continues and the company enjoys more success and slowly finds its way toward becoming a major player in the market.

As far as more Google devices coming out, we do know of the Pixel 8a in the works, and the phone should be coming out sometime next year, so that should help the company secure further ground. Not to forget, the Pixel 9 series that will debut in late 2024, and possibly a new foldable device.

News Source: Canalys

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