Google Could Be Launching Its Find My Device Network A Lot Sooner Than We Thought

It has been almost a year since Google announced its Find My Device network. The network then faced delays because Google was waiting for Apple to complete the implementation. Now that the code has shown up on the latest iOS 17.5 beta, it appears that the Mountain View company is ready to launch the network, or at least that is what some users are hoping.

Google’s Find My Device network is launching on April 7th; at least, this is what Google claims

Earlier today, Google started sending out emails informing users that the Find My Device network will launch soon. However, it appears that only a handful of users are getting the email, and we still don’t know if everyone will be getting access to the feature or not. This is confusing as to why Google would launch the network only for some users, but then again, the company could be doing it for the sake of doing a test.

This is what the email reads:

With the new Find My Device network, you’ll be able to locate your devices even if they’re offline. You can also find any compatible Fast Pair accessories when they’re disconnected from your device. This includes compatible earbuds and headphones, and trackers that you can attach to your wallet, keys, or bike.

At the end of the email, Google talked about the release date for the network’s launch, and this is what it reads,

You’ll get a notification on your Android devices when this feature is turned on in 3 days. Until then, you can opt out of the network through Find My Device on the web.

Considering how the email was sent earlier today, Google could launch the Find My Device network in April. Looking at the fact that I have received the email but a lot of people I know haven’t received it, this could mean that Google is just testing out how the network works and whether or not it is stable enough for a proper rollout. The said email also has a link that allows you to opt out of the service, so if you don’t want to be a part of this network, you can simply remove yourself from it.

Google and Apple have been working on the Find My Device network for some time, and it appears that the companies are getting closer to the release. I really hope that this works the way the network has intended and that people can easily track their devices.

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