Galaxy Watch FE Apparently Exists As Samsung Looks To Expand Its Fan Edition Lineup

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch lineup is one of the best when you are looking for smartwatches other than Apple’s. Over the past couple of years, Samsung has managed to deliver some really great offerings across various price points. Now, it seems the company wants to branch into more expensive options as new evidence has surfaced hinting at the existence of the Galaxy Watch FE.

The Galaxy Watch FE is based on an unreleased Galaxy Watch 4 and could be released later this year

The Android Headlines team came across some clues that indicate the existence of the Galaxy Watch FE, and if that is true, then we will see this smartwatch pretty soon. The watch is said to have features similar to those of the Galaxy Watch 4, but of course, it will be in a more modern package.

Now, the source claims that this Galaxy Watch FE is based on an unreleased version of the Galaxy Watch 4. This might come as a surprise to some people, but you should keep in mind that Samsung was supposed to launch a Watch 4 variant this year but never did so. The new evidence suggests that the company has something else planned altogether. You can have a look at the screenshot below, which shows the watch’s name and model number:

Based on the information above, the Galaxy Watch FE is going to be available globally and will be released under three different model numbers: SM-R866F, SM-R866U, and SM-R866N. At the moment, there are not enough details available on the new Samsung smartwatch, but we expect it to be similar to the Galaxy Watch 4 in terms of design and offer better functionality. It will also be cheaper than the main series of watches and hopefully will run Wear OS.

Sadly, we cannot say much about the Galaxy Watch FE’s release date, but we know that Samsung is supposed to launch a couple of Fan Edition devices later this year. We hope that this affordable smartwatch will be included alongside everything else that the company has planned.

News Source: Android Headlines

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