Galaxy S25 Ultra Prototype’s Specifications Rumor Claims That The 2025 Flagship Will Get A Bump In The RAM Column, But Maximum Storage Remains Unchanged

A few rumors have clamored that Samsung intends to keep several areas of the Galaxy S25 Ultra unaltered compared to the Galaxy S24 Ultra, but the specifications bit might be another story. One tipster mentions that the Korean giant will finally introduce a RAM upgrade to its top-end flagship in 2025, but the internal storage might not change.

Like the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the Galaxy S25 Ultra is rumored to ship with 256GB internal storage for the base model

Samsung may have realized that several Chinese smartphone brands are eating into its shipments, negatively impacting its global market share, which is why Sawyer Galox has mentioned on X that the Galaxy S25 Ultra will see its RAM count increased to 16GB. Samsung did introduce a 16GB RAM version with early flagship models, such as the Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but went in the opposite direction with the newer handsets. The company did not formally provide a reason for taking a step back in the specifications department, but it may have to do with increased component costs.

With the Galaxy S25 Ultra, that approach can potentially change, and we might know why. The entire Galaxy S25 family may run Google’s second-generation version of Gemini Nano, which can mean that the Korean firm intends to add more features to Galaxy AI. However, such features, including generative AI, are RAM, CPU, and storage intensive, so a 16GB RAM upgrade would help to run some cloud-based AI-centric features fluidly. The tipster notes that the base model would continue to feature 12GB RAM paired with 256GB of storage.

Fortunately, the remaining two versions with 512GB and 1TB of onboard memory are rumored to feature 16GB RAM. Samsung may be apprehensive about increasing the total storage because the majority of users will not find much use for higher-capacity variants. Sure, some want to carry around their entire media library, but it is likely that this consumer base is minimal and does not cater to Samsung’s broader market. The rumor does not mention if the Galaxy S25 Ultra will feature expandable storage, but looking at Samsung’s recent releases, a microSD card slot might be completely out of the equation.

As much as we want Samsung to get serious about its flagship’s specifications, it is also important to treat this rumor with a pinch of salt. Looking at the proliferation of generative AI, all signs may be pointing towards a RAM upgrade for the Galaxy S25 Ultra, but we will continue to wait for confirmation.

News Source: Sawyer Galox

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