Galaxy S24 Ultra’s 200MP Camera Rumored To Include AI Optimizations, Along With An Improved Night Mode, Claims Tipster

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra will be the company’s top-tier flagship for 2024 once again, and just like the Galaxy S23 Ultra, we expect the upcoming version to come with some exclusive features, including capable camera hardware. Regarding megapixel count, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will share a similar trait with its predecessor, but according to one tipster, Samsung will bring several improvements to the primary camera, including AI optimizations.

Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera would be able to identify 12 kinds of objects, with the 200MP camera optimized for better image quality

Intricate camera details of the Galaxy S24 Ultra were not shared by Ice Universe, but he does mention that the flagship will receive some Night Mode improvements. Like every other phone maker, Samsung employs computational techniques for its camera, and in low light conditions, these techniques reduce film grain effects and other blemishes to enhance image quality. The tipster has not provided details on how this Night Mode will improve, but one area that Samsung can take advantage of is how long the image is processed.

With Night Mode activated, it can take a few seconds before the processed image is saved in your gallery. Samsung can reduce this time, so users can take multiple images quickly without worrying about those pesky ‘camera shake’ effects coming into play. Another area where Ice Universe claims the Galaxy S24 Ultra camera will see improvements is in AI optimizations. Apparently, the handset’s sensor will be able to recognize 12 different objects and optimize them to improve image quality.

One follower jokingly remarked that his Roomba can identify 25 objects, implying that the improvements supposedly arriving to the Galaxy S24 Ultra are not that much. However, another person has responded that those 12 objects can also have sub-categories, possibly divided into animals, vehicles, landscapes, furniture, humans, nature, and more. For instance, each animal or vehicle looks different, so Samsung’s algorithms could have trained 200MP to identify from the millions of images in that sub-category and improve image quality.

This can become a potent camera feature, but given how Ice Universe shared this information, it is unsurprising that anyone reading about the Galaxy S24 Ultra camera getting AI optimizations for ‘12 objects’ will be disappointed, as 12 is such a small number. It will be up to Samsung to capitalize on its marketing resources to show the endless possibilities of the camera, but the actual results will be witnessed when the flagship actually launches, which is not too far, and we will have several updates ready for our readers.

News Source: Ice Universe

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