Galaxy S24 Ultra Will Be A Tank Thanks To 56% Stronger Titanium Frame And Gorilla Glass Armor

The Galaxy S24 series is debuting in a month, and over the past couple of months, we have managed to obtain a lot of information about whatever Samsung is up to. Based on all the information that we have, it is more than safe to say that Samsung has a winner on its hands. And now, we have some new information about the Galaxy S24 Ultra and how it will be able to separate itself from the rest of the pack.

Samsung does not want to compromise the build quality of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

As always, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be the phone receiving the biggest changes when compared to the other two phones, and a new tip suggests that Samsung is making sure that this phone is an absolute tank.

As you can see above, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is said to have a titanium frame that is 56% stronger than the aluminum frame – not just that, the phone is also said to back Gorilla Glass Armor on the front, which should deliver better overall durability on the screen.

One thing that I would note is that the specs above do raise some questions. For instance, it is mentioned that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will have a downgraded charging speed of just 25 watts instead of the 45 watts that Samsung has been using for years. We are not sure just how much reality there is to that, but considering we are a month away from the official launch, we will hear more and more about what the company plans on doing.

The Galaxy S24 will be unveiled next month, and considering how December is almost over, you will start hearing a lot about what the company is up to. You can expect a ton of information on the phones in the coming days, and we will be on top of it, as always.

News Source: Ahmed Qwaider

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