Galaxy S24 Ultra Scratch Test Reveals How Gorilla Glass Armor Does Not Scratch At A Level 6 or 7

The Galaxy S24 Ultra debuted with Gorilla Glass Armor protecting the device, and the company did not make a big deal out of it as it should have. Ever since the official announcement, we have been seeing different tests done to assess just how good this new technology is. At first, we saw that the new Gorilla Glass Armor actually prevents a lot of reflections on the screen, improving the visibility to an excellent degree. Then, we saw the phone go through a pretty painful test where the screen was rubbed against a lot of sand, and it still managed to come out unharmed.

Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Gorilla Glass Armor should get a lot more attention than it currently is

Now, the same channel decided to take the Mohs hardness picks to test the scratch resistance of the screen on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and to our surprise, the screen did not scratch at a level 6 or 7. The scratches actually started showing at levels 8 and 9. You can watch the video below:

Now, the reason why this is a big deal not just for the Galaxy S24 Ultra but for any future phone using Gorilla Glass Armor is that glass scratches at a level 6 and deeper grooves at a level 7. This is something all of us are familiar with, all thanks to our friend JerryRigEverything. However, as far as the latest Samsung flagship is concerned, we might finally have something in our hands that could change the course of action. Of course, it is still glass, and I would not advise you to be that rough to the screen, but it is evident that the latest glass that Samsung is using is actually more durable than before.

Considering how neurotic I am with keeping my phone’s screen and my phone spotless, I don’t think I will use my Galaxy S24 Ultra without a screen protector. However, if you are someone who prefers their phones without a protector on them, then I salute you and urge you to watch this video for some peace of mind. The phones are now up for pre-order, with the official sale starting from 31st January, later this month.

News Source: PBKReviews

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