Galaxy S24 Takes Samsung To New Heights In The U.S. Market With An Impressive Growth In Market Share

If you want to get your hands on a new smartphone right now, the obvious choice would be the Galaxy S24 series. Although the phones were released in January, they are still excellent options for people who are looking for the best experience. This is further solidified by the fact that the South Korean tech firm has managed to see significant growth in the U.S. market, all thanks to these phones.

Samsung hits back and claims a good chunk of market share, all thanks to the Galaxy S24

Research firm Counterpoint Research shows that U.S. smartphone shipments declined by 8% year-on-year in Q1 2024, with Apple not budging at all and still staying at 52%. However, Samsung, on the other hand, saw significant growth this year, jumping to 31% instead of 27% last year. A big reason behind this growth happens to be the Galaxy S24 series, which is doing wonders for Samsung.

The research firm also mentioned that this is actually Samsung’s best Q1 market share result since 2020. The firm also talks about how the major reason Samsung has managed to enjoy this victory is the Galaxy S24 series, which has seen massive demand in the U.S.

Sadly, Samsung Galaxy S24’s stellar performance came at the expense of Google, which took a hit because the company had a 2% market share in Q1 of 2023, and this time around, it does not have a lot to hold onto. Motorola also saw a 1% growth, all thanks to the company actually making some really decent devices for the masses.

All in all, Samsung enjoyed the biggest victory here, and that was also because of the Galaxy S24 series. We cannot say if this is going to be the same in Q2 of this year, but honestly, I am looking forward to seeing how the company manages itself in the coming months because we are definitely looking to see some really impressive releases.

I have been using the Galaxy S24 Ultra for some time now, and even though the phone is boring, I call it boring because it is actually perfect in almost every way. There is nothing about the device I would want to improve, which is one of the main reasons it is so good and perhaps a big reason why Samsung is enjoying a higher market share this year.

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