Galaxy S24 Breaks An Eight-Year Record In The U.S. And Korea, 3.2 Million Units Sold In The U.S. And Over 1 Million In South Korea

As great as the Galaxy S24 series appears on the paper, it seems like the phones are selling just as well, especially in the U.S. A report suggests that the flagship trio has managed to break the pre-order records in several markets, and despite the pre-order being over, is still selling really well all over the world.

The Galaxy S24 trio appears to be selling like hotcakes, with Samsung expecting 13 million units sold in the first quarter

The sales in the U.S. have also reached a record high in eight years, which is definitely something good for Samsung as it will motivate the company to keep delivering excellent products.

The report also cites that Samsung is looking forward to selling over 35 million units of Galaxy S24 devices this year. This figure is a double-digit growth over the predecessors, and a lot of this is thanks to the fact that Samsung managed a pretty strong pre-order number in several markets across the world.

Further information reveals that the demand for the Galaxy S24 series has been so high that the company had to revise the sales targets for the first quarter of this year. The firm was originally looking to sell 12 million units, but instead, the new target is 13 million units for the first quarter. In the Korean market alone, the phones have managed to surpass 1 million units, and in the U.S. market, the phone has crossed 3.2 million units.

At the moment, data from other countries is not available, but considering the trajectory that the Samsung Galaxy S24 is taking, it would not be surprising to see that it manages to meet its goal of 13 million units sold. I have a feeling that the trio might end up surpassing the sales expectations that Samsung has in place for it.

Honestly, even though I have not upgraded to the Galaxy S24 just yet, I am glad to see that Samsung is getting the recognition it deserves. This is the first time in a long time that I feel like the devices that Samsung is offering have everything that a power user could want from their smartphone, and it is impressive that the company didn’t just give up on the series.

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News Sources: Yonhap News, Ice Universe

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