Galaxy AI Features Will Be Limited To Samsung Devices Released In 2023 And After, But This Could Change In The Future

One of the best things about the Galaxy Unpacked earlier this month was the introduction of Galaxy AI. This was Samsung telling the world that they are not only good at delivering a robust hardware and software experience but also an excellent AI experience. At that time, the company surprised everyone by announcing that the AI features would be coming to older devices.

The majority of devices released in 2023 will get Galaxy AI features, while older devices could have to wait for longer

However, newly surfaced information paints a clear picture of Galaxy AI’s future on older Galaxy devices. The Galaxy S24 series is already chock-full of AI features, and Samsung will bring this technology onto older devices. So far, we do know that the Galaxy S23 series, as well as S23 FE, Tab S9 series, Z Fold 5, and Z Flip 5, will be getting the taste of the AI features. Samsung has now confirmed that the AI features will not be coming to any devices released before 2023, which means that your Galaxy S22 series will not get the features.

Sadly, this limitation has nothing to do with the older hardware since the Galaxy S22 series and Galaxy S23 FE both have the same chipset. This is what Patrick Chomet, Head of Customer Experience at Samsung, had to say about Galaxy AI being limited to newer devices.

We want to ensure that, over time, our AI experiences can be supported by [mobile] performance, which leads to CPU and GPU capability. So for now, we are learning; we are going step-by-step. We know that Galaxy AI works well on the Galaxy S24 series and we know it will work well on [the Galaxy S23 series]. But we don’t know what the intensity of AI usage will be for the average customer, and [therefore how that] intensity will impact on-device resources and cloud resources.

Explaining further, Chomet talked about how Samsung is trying to focus on making sure that the Galaxy AI’s experience is full of quality, and the company is looking forward to seeing how the AI manages to function on other devices.

Number one, we want to secure the quality and the performance of what we deploy. Then we will learn how people use [these features] and tune the performance. Number two, we will deploy [Galaxy AI] on a second set of devices – specifically, the S23, S23 FE, Z Fold 5, Z Flip 5 and Tab S9 – to see how it works.

Chomet also talked about how the Galaxy AI is currently limited to last-generation of devices. He did not completely shoot down the possibility of AI services coming to older devices, but I have a feeling that Samsung will start bringing the AI functionality on devices released in 2022 because, despite being old, they are still very capable and deliver robust experiences.

News Source: Tech Radar

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