Dimensity 9400 To Be Mass Produced On TSMC’s Second-Generation 3nm Process, Tipster Claims New SoC Boasts Increased ‘Performance’

The Dimensity 9400 and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 have been reported on multiple occasions to be the first 3nm chipsets to power Android flagships. We have now learned, thanks to one tipster, that MediaTek intends to leverage TSMC’s second-generation node to mass produce the upcoming SoC, and though there is no evidence to prove that the silicon will deliver impressive performance numbers, the same tipster hints that we are in for a treat.

Dimensity 9400 will likely obtain impressive performance just like the Dimensity 9300, as it will not sport any efficiency cores

Last year, TSMC only had one 3nm customer, which was none other than Apple, and the latter fabricated its A17 Pro and the entire M3 lineup on the Taiwanese manufacturer’s ‘N3B’ process, which is also regarded as the first-generation 3nm technology. On Weibo, Digital Chat Station mentions a second-generation process will be used for the Dimensity 9400. He is likely referring to TSMC’s ‘N3E’ lithography, which reportedly produces better wafer yields than N3B and is more appropriately priced, leading to orders secured from both Qualcomm and MediaTek.

With the Dimensity 9400, the tipster notes that the SoC will rely on ARM’s CPU and GPU designs. For the most part, MediaTek’s upcoming flagship silicon will sport the Cortex-X5, but other details remain elusive for now. The tipster also mentions that the ‘design performance’ of the chipset is ‘very strong,’ which can only mean that the Dimensity 9400 will surpass what the Dimensity 9300 can attain. We previously reported that just like the Dimensity 9300, its successor will sport a combination of Cortex-X5 and other performance cores but no efficiency ones.

The earlier rumor also claimed that the Dimensity 9400 would beat the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, but given that the latter is switching to its custom Oryon cores this year, it will be interesting to see how it holds up against its close competitor. For the time being, we recommend treating Digital Chat Station’s claims with a pinch of salt, as we are sure to learn more about the Dimensity 9400’s performance capabilities in the coming weeks, so it is best not to jump to conclusions for now.

News Source: Digital Chat Station

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