Despite Subscribing To YouTube Premium, You Can’t Escape The Ads

YouTube has finally started its big crackdown against ad blockers, and while I think there is nothing wrong with this whole move, it apparently isn’t sitting well with many people. At the time, there was no way to escape the ads side from paying for Premium, and while it does come with other benefits, it appears getting rid of ads might not be one of them.

YouTube Premium won’t give you a lot of ads, but some might still make their way.

A recent Reddit post has surfaced talking about how, despite being subscribed to YouTube Premium, you might still see some ads on the platform. This completely puts off most people looking to use the platform and enjoy an ad-free experience. However, the company does have an explanation for it.

According to YouTube, subscribing to a Premium account offers an “interruption-free” experience from ads that appear before or after a video, including the ads that appear on the overlay, third-party banner ads, and search ads. However, there are still some ads that you may see.

The YouTube support page mentions:

“You may still see branding or promotions embedded in the content by the creator, as well as promotional links, shelves, and features in and around the content that are added or enabled by the creator. These links, shelves, and features could be for their website, merchandise, membership to their channel, event tickets, or other related destinations that they are promoting.”

The way YouTube is handling the aforementioned ads might be different than what some may have experienced, but it is safe to say that the ad blockers are no longer going to work. The platform has found itself in trouble regarding its practices when it comes to detecting ad blockers.

News Source: Reddit

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