Chinese EV Makers Xiaomi And Others Are In Disbelief Over Apple Abandoning Work On Its Self-Driving Car

News has reached Chinese EV makers that Apple has shuttered its self-driving car development that was internally called ‘Project Titan.’ Xiaomi, the world’s third-largest smartphone brand, recently entered this category. Xiaomi and other players have expressed their thoughts on the latest development. While some companies are shocked at this revelation, others agree with Apple’s decision, stating that there are other areas in which the technology giant can thrive.

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun understands how difficult it is to make cars but is still shocked at finding out about Apple’s departure from this space

As reported by South China Morning Post, Xiaomi founder stated in a Weibo post that he was shocked to learn that Apple has canceled all work being carried out on ‘Project Titan,’ but at the same time, he understands ‘deeply how difficult it is to make cars.’ Despite the challenges, Xiaomi pushed through with immense determination to launch its first EV, the SU7, in December 2023. However, even with the unveiling, the Chinese firm’s first electric vehicle needs additional testing that will last for months before hitting the roads. The company managed to develop a prototype with the help of 3,400 engineers.

In comparison, Apple had 2,000 employees reportedly stationed to work on its self-driving car, and with this division reportedly being closed permanently, some of the members will now work on generative AI, while others will have little choice but to depart from the company. Others believe that Apple’s decision to exit this space was the right move, with Li Xiang, CEO of Beijing-based EV maker Li Auto, saying AI will eventually be found in a wide array of applications, ranging from devices to software and that Apple should do its best to excel in this category.

Similarly, Wedbush analysts earlier commented that Apple’s decision to halt work on ‘Project Titan’ was the right decision because it will allow the Cupertino giant to become laser-focused on other areas, such as generative AI. Apple has not commented on its future plans, but as of right now, ‘Project Titan’ will eventually become a distant memory.

News Source: South China Morning Post

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